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Mossarium & Terrarium Supplies include TDF Magic Moss Powder, various dwarf ferns, and liverworts, 

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~Mind your forest

The Defiant Forest

Simi Valley, CA.

(818) 472-0149

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 TDF offers terrarium, mossarium, and vivarium supplies. Also Terrestrial Isopods, their food and substrate. Millipede substrate as well. TDF Magic Moss Powder has been a big hit for years. Great for terrariums, or window vase mossariums. Dwarf Ferns are a specialty in the forest, all ferns are grown from spore. Liverworts are another specialty, these are grown from tissue cultures. TDF will continue to grow with products for plant lovers and terrarium enthusiasts.  

 Your mind is your forest, your thoughts are your seeds. You can grow your own flowers, or you can grow weeds. 

~Mind your Forest

Darby Cunningham

The Defiant Proprietor